Headspace event: a fresh look at CRM

Event date: 9 October 2012

This Headspace, like all our events, aimed at illuminating an area of our field by sharing our views as well as those of a guest speaker. We gave the event an upgrade this time, going to the gorgeous, glittering Goldsmiths’ Centre, just around the corner. The guest list went way over the capacity of our office space so we had to go off-site – which is very much not a complaint, we assure you!

Enter the speakers: our own Matthew “Fitz” Fitzsimons, Head of Planning in our Cirencester office. He spoke about our new approach to CRM and brand experiences, called FulCRM.

Kicking things off was Google’s Director of Cross-Product Solutions, Noah Samuels, who shared Google’s thought-provoking vision of how to “win the moments that matter”.

Matthew "Fitz" Fitzsimons at Headspace

In his talk on the relationship between advancing digital technologies and the evolution of the customer journey, Noah explained that consumers are now hyper-informed. They consult an average of 18 online sources before buying a car and seven sources for beauty products. The average time to make a purchase takes up to seven times as long as it used to, and that’s not just for big ticket items.

The need for truly mobile-optimised websites was among the other topics, along with the blurring of lines between commerce and e-commerce.

Where is CRM headed? Fitz spoke to us about the many ways that brands and customers interact now, where each touchpoint gives the opportunity to round out the customer’s story. Using this plethora of information in a focused and creative way can bring customers closer and drive value through loyalty.

The Havas EHS approach is about delivering brand experiences that are useful and enjoyable. If a fulcrum is the point around which a lever pivots, FulCRM is the experience around which a brand pivots.

Fitz signed off with some sound advice on making the most of data using the FulCRM philosophy.

Full notes on the talks have been written up (and are an interesting read, if we do say so ourselves), so ask Henry to send them to you by emailing henry.riggall@havasehs.com.

Google's Noah Samuels

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